Centre d'hébergement Idola-Saint-Jean's In-Patients' Committee

The Centre d’hébergement de Idola-Saint-Jean 's In-Patients’ Committee welcomes you in its section.

For more information about the in-patient committee, please consult the other webpages of this section as well as the brochure.

Download the annual report (French PDF only) .


In addition, Idola St-jean has a web site (French Only).Take the time to visit his web site because it is a place where it is possible to write a message to the member of our family who lives in Idola Saint-Jean, or, to make a donation to the association volunteers of Idola St-Jean


Video: Tutoring for attendant (s) to beneficiaries of Idola St-Jean


*** New Service - phone line Info-family ***
A new service will be publicized to the new families of residents of Idola St-Jean. This phone line is available to users to learn about the general messages and also more specific during outbreak periods.
To listen, call at (450) 668-1804 ext. 3019.


Calendar of activities

 You will find all our activities on this calendar. Dates that have an activity are highlighted. If you can’t properly view this calendar, please go to the In-Patients’ Committee summary activities page.