Express a dissatisfaction

You have the right to express your dissatisfaction and to expect that we will try to find a solution to your problem (within the limitations of our resources), without fearing an irritated or hostile reaction from the staff, and even less, reprisals.

If as a user, you want to express dissatisfaction:

  1. Talk about your dissatisfaction to the concerned person.
  2. Ask to see the person in charge of the department that you are dissatisfied with.
  3. If you have not been attentively listened to, have not found an appropriate solution to your dissatisfaction, or if you do not feel comfortable talking to the person in charge, contact the Users'Committee of the CSSS de Laval at 450 978-8609. You may also contact the Complaint assistance and support centre of Laval (CAAP – Laval) at 450 662-6022, or event the local service quality and complaints commissioner at 450 668-1010, ext. 23628.

The responsibilities of the people working within the CSSS de Laval:

  • Contact immediately the person in charge of the department if a user requests it.
  • Try to understand why the user or a member of his/her family is dissatisfied and help him/her as much as possible.
  • If unable to make the user and family more satisfied, they refer them to the Users'committee, to the CAAP or to the local service quality and complaints commissioner.
  • Remain polite and courteous at all times with every user. In the presence of a discourteous user, inform him/her politely that they are trying to be courteous and that he/she must do the same, in order to make it easier to find solutions to his/her problem. If the user’s behaviour remains unacceptable, they move away from this person and inform the department head.

The content of this page is from the Code of Ethics of the CSSS de Laval