Quality of services

If you would like to share an experience at the CSSS de Laval (wether positive or negative), the Users’committee would like to receive your comment. It would make sure to inform the establishment so the CSSS can take track of your demand.

The Users’committee ensures that the services received  are given in respect of your dignity and recognition of your rights and freedoms. The Users’Committee members are your voice to the CSSS de Laval.

Also, it is in the functions of the Users’committee to promote the improvement of your quality of life et to evaluate your level of satisfaction with the services obtained by the institutions. Thus, the Users’Committee is committed to know the users’ and their families’ perceptions about the quality of services received and to draw attention to situations and issues in order to make improvements.

To ensure that it operates properly, a committee must first:

  • find out about the operation of the institution, and the institution's organization chart, organization plan and clinical plan;
  • learn the characteristics of the people served by the institution;
  • prepare a code of conduct to be used as a guide to intervention and interaction with the other partners in the institution;
  • identify the resources in the sector and the community partners that work with users of the health and social services network;
  • draft operating rules

Source : Reference Framework for Exercising the Functions Assumed by Members of User’s Committees and In-Patients’ Committees, Direction des communications du ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux, 2018