Centre d'hébergement Fernand-Larocque's In-Patients' Committee

Logo du comité des résidants Fernand-LarocqueThe Centre d’hébergement Fernand-Larocque's In-Patients’ Committee welcomes you in its section. The committee is composed of ten elected persons for a mandate of three years during a general meeting. The members have a meeting at each first Thursday of the month. 

We think that it’s important to establish balance and confidence with the establishment director, the employees, the families and the in-patients.

For more information about the in-patient committee, please consult the other webpages of this section as well as the brochure. 



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Calendar of activities

 You will find all our activities on this calendar. Dates that have an activity are highlighted. If you can’t properly view this calendar, please go to the In-Patients’ Committee summary activities page.